It's angle time!

Some people or parks will put bridges in their garden to get across ponds. This is an example or a bridge in a garden. What is the angle of the bridge?

Nature's Beauty!

Nature is known for its bright colors. The pigment of a particular flower give them their specific color. How many different colors do you see in this photograph?

How long must you wait?

All plants take a different amount of time to grow according to the amount of water and sunlight they get. How long do you think this plant will take to reach one foot high?

Seeds, Seeds, and more Seeds!

If the seeds cost $.60 a packet, and you want to buy 7 different packets, how much money are you going to spend?

Who can grow the biggest lavender plant?

You and your friend both plant your own lavender plants in your garden, and you want to see how tall each one grows. What is the height of your plant? What is the height of your friend's plant?

Drip, Drip, Drop!

There are many things that a plant needs to survive in a garden. Air, soil, sunlight and water all give the plant support in growing. How many times a week should you water your plant?

How much soil?

In order to grow a plant in a pot, you must fill it with potting soil. Approximately how many cups will fit into this flower pot?

Sunflowers! Sunflowers! Sunflowers!

The Sunflower plant originated in the western part of America. What kind of shape do you notice that a Sunflower has?

Perimeter in a garden!

The garden of Gerber Daisies is set up in a square with a picket fence all around. If all four sides of the fence are 5 feet long, what is the perimeter of this fence?

How much space is in this garden??

The area of a garden is very important to be able to plan how many plants you can fit into the garden. The garden shown here has demenions of 8 feet by 20 feet. What is the total area of the garden?

Take a look inside!!

Many fruits and vegtebles have seeds in the center of them. Take a look at a slice of watermelon and estimate how many seeds you think are inside the slice. What shape is this slice of watermelon?

There are so many plants!

A garden is made up of many different types of plants that all live together in harmony. Take a look at this photograph of a garden. How many different types of plants can you spot? Try to estimate.